Ewe dancers. Lome, Togo 1988. ©2006 Mama Zogbé,Hounon Amengansie


Mami Wata Vodoun Videos on Youtube

Ancestral "Slave" tradition of the Amengansie
Mami Wata: Ancient African God/dess Reawaken in the Soul of the Diaspora.
Origins of "Voodoo" in African-America.
Ewe Slaves & Voodoo: America's Hidden Heritage
Interview on Voodoo
HOODOO: A New World Name of An Ancient African Tradition
Interview: The African Origins of Hoodoo
Eassy:"Voodoo" Did Not Begin In Haiti

FAQ on Vodou & Mami Wata Initiation
Religion of the Slave: History of Voodoo in America

Mami Wata Healing Society Photo display
Are You A Mami Wata Child?
Queen Mothers
Research/Links on the Mami Wata
Sacred Water Spirits Songs of the Diaspora

TOHOSSOU: Royal Guardian of the Physically & Mentally Gifted

Location of Dahomey
Proximity of Dahomean & Yoruba Empires
Pictograph of Orisha Worship in Dahomey
Hoodoo vs. Voodoo: Do you Know the Difference?
Sacred Naming in Vodoun Culture
The Universe According to Adja-Ewe Cosmology
Calender of Sacred Festival Days in Togo
Sacred Ewe Name for Days of the Week
A brief video of Master Durchbach Akuete in session
Initatory Rank in Yeveh Vodoun
Geographical Map of Sacred Vodou
Myth of the Borrowed Gods of Dahomey
American Debt of West African Slave Spirit Worship
Liberation Song from Quidah
New book on Dahomean Amazons!

Moralizing Tales of the Ancestors
Mythical Origin of the Royal Sibs [Families]
Mawu's Ways are Just
Exploits of the Gods: How Mawu Gave Each Vodou its Domain
The Origin of Fa: Dahomean System of Divination
Monkey's Ingratitude: Why one does not Deceive the Diviner
Eve Lododowo: Proverbs of Ancient Dahomey
How the Vodun came to Dahomey
Why a promise to the Vodun must be kept

Selected Songs of the Orisa & Vodou from the Yoruba/Dahomean Music collection!
Sacred Water Spirits Songs of the Diaspora

Spirit of President George Bush Trapped in Clay pot and Tossed into River
Eassy: The Religion of the Slaves
A Noble Desire: Benin Apologizes for Slavery
All Beninois Called to Reconvert to Vodou
"Vodoun Priestess": Magical Blend Article
"An African Heritage": Magical Blend Article on Vodoun Master Akuete Durchbach
Article: Driving Vodoun Undeground
Library of Congress Changes Classification of ATRs from CULT
Interview with MWHS Founder & President Mama Zogbé,Hounon Amengansie
News: Benin Celebrates National Vodoun Holiday.
Article: Food of the Orishas.
The Black Goddess and other Mythic Earth Images

Recommended Reading on West African Vodou
Difference Between Dahomean & Haitian Vodoun & other FAQ's

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